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How to Start an Online Business With 3 Easy Steps

You’ve found this article in hopes that you can start your own online business. Well, it’s a lot simpler than you think. It only takes a few things and once they are in place, you can create any amount of money you desire. Are you ready to learn what they are? Awesome, let’s get started.

1. Create your front-end offer. This will be a $7 information product that teaches your prospects a certain skill. Use a lead capture page to collect your prospects email address and offer them your first product that can help them solve a problem. For example, you could create a simple 20 page e-book that shows them how to solve their problem. This is what information marketing is all about.

The capture page consists of a headline and a list of benefits. This is what will get people to join your mailing list. Make sure that you give them exactly what they were promised. Once they opt for more information, send them to your sales page. This is the page where you will offer them your $7 e-book.

2. Now you need to write some emails that will build trust with your new subscribers. These emails will offer more value and build trust with people. Once they feel that you can offer them more, they will purchase products from you. In this case, they will purchase your $7 product. From there, you can offer more products. These are called up-sells. But for now, just focus on building your list and selling your first product.

Your emails should be short and sweet. Give just enough value to compel your audience to take further action with you. Also, it would be wise to make your emails go out every other day. This will allow prospects to get to know you more without feeling like you are just trying to “pitch” your product to them. Mailing your list too often will cause your subscribers to lose trust in you. Of course this depends on what kind of emails you send them.

3. Traffic generation is the 3rd step. You need to get people to your lead capture page. The more subscribers you can generate, the better your chances are of making sales. Aim to get 100 visitors per day to your capture page. This will give you 30 to 60 leads per day and 3 to 6 sales at a .10% conversion rate.

Now you know what it takes to make a six-figure income online. Take this knowledge and build your business as fast as you can.

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